Site Work + Inspections

It’s been one month since my last update when we started on the site work. Since then, the water, electric, and sewer lines have been placed in the trench from their connection points at the front of the property to the connection points where the unit will hook in. The trench and water and sewer pipes are about 130 feet from end to end.

sewer connection

sewer line under fence

sewer line to end point

It took us 3 inspectors and 6 inspections to pass with the city for the water and sewer lines. We paid a $3,500 permitting fee just for water and sewer, so I guess we are getting our money’s worth. We finally passed today.

Nine footing holes have also been dug since our last update. These are 2x2x2 foot holes that will be filled with concrete. A special metal plate will be inserted into the concrete when it’s poured, and this will be what the container connects to.

footing holes

Our next inspections will have to do with the metal plate fabrication.

At the fabrication site in Wisconsin, we are currently at a stand-still. We will probably be about 2-3 weeks behind the last schedule of a July 1 arrival for the container. Fingers crossed for August completion.

June 2018 – first contact with RadLab
August 2018 – financing in place, signed contract with RadLab
January 2019 – signed contract with MODS International
February 2019 – State permits approved
May 2019 – City permits approved, site work begins
June 2019 – Water and sewer lines approved, footing holes dug
July 2019 – Footings, container fabrication and arrival
August 2019 – Completion?


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